Real Cat Toons

This is the first incarnation of my True Cat Toons comics. It consists mainly of reprinted stories from Naughty Bits about my amazing kitty Pushkin and includes my Eisner (the comics industry award) nominated story “Bye-bye Muffy.” It is a 24 page comic, photocopied and stapled with heavy cover stock, which I originally sold for $5 as a benefit book for Pushkin’s huge vet bills when he was diagnosed with diabetes, and other tragic illnesses. I know that seems expensive for a small, stapled book but they are very time and labor intensive to produce--making photocopies, then hand folding and stapling. Every one who buys this comic gets an original cat drawing on the back, too. I have several left and will sell them until I am out--hopefully by then, True Cat Toons will be well on its way into print. The lettering is a bit small on some of the reprinted stories, but it includes many pages that I do NOT plan to reprint in True Cat Toons, such as a 7-page illustrated biography of the famous Victorian “crazy cat artist” Louis Wain, (from the out-of-print Naughty Bits #38), Muffy’s first appearances in “Kitty Kat Toons” and Purrrzac’s first comic story. It is suitable for all ages.


Louis Wain was a popular (if not financial) success as an artist-- I can certainly identify with that!  But, after he was committed to an insane asylum, he was just as creative as ever.

One of my very first cat cartoons, nearly 20 years old. Reprinted from the book, Kitty Libber, published by Crossing Press--still available on Amazon.


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